Have you read my book?  My life story.

Truth and Joy: For the Perfectly Imperfect
Are you tired of living someone else’s life? Do you feel like you are always searching for something better? Have you felt lost in your journey of life? Are you looking for a book that you can relate to with your own story?
I offer you this conversational and interactive book, as I present my own story of life, loss and the path to finding joy and happiness.
Hot tip: the story, the solutions are Perfectly Imperfect, just like life itself.
In Truth and Joy, you will find reflections on:
• A difficult childhood
• Anorexia
• Divorce
• Being a mum
• Blending a family and finding new love
• Grief and loss
• Discovering yoga and the universe
• Getting real about life
• Opportunities and activities in each chapter to reflect and integrate learning
Truth and Joy offers readers a key to unlock their own story to set it free.
Are you feeling trapped in your own story? Are you searching for happiness outside of yourself? I was. My life was in chaos until just a couple of years ago. Everything about life that I thought I knew changed and it asked me to re assess and reflect on every aspect of myself and my life.
My journey has taken me on paths I never dreamed possible and I am still travelling, enjoying every step and excited to see what is around every corner.
I took stock of my life, my mindset, my body and I got a little spiritual for a while but now I’m spiritually real. Authenticity is the key.
My vision in this book is to offer my story so that you feel comfortable in yours. I want you to take an audit of your own experiences, tap back into that inner child and make sure you are living your truth and feeling into your joy, even when life gets challenging. I want you to accept that you are Perfectly Imperfect and that is how life is meant to be.
Read my story and unlock your own. Find your Truth, find your Joy, find your Passion and enjoy being Perfectly Imperfect. Happiness is a right and is definitely a mindset.
Grab a copy TODAY. It’s time to connect to get to know each other.

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